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Zambia Safaris – Another 5 Great Options

In a previous written article here, a list of five awesome options for Zambia Safaris were provided, however a mere five would not do the destination any justice, and hence some additional options for Zambia Safaris are provided below.

  1. Lower Zambezi National Park: Other than the South Luangwa valley, the Lower Zambezi National Park is without doubt one of the top Zambia safaris that are on offer anywhere in Africa. If you are looking for a remote safari location that offers exceptional wildlife and superb accommodation with really exciting activities, this is the destination for you. The Park is as wild as you can get in Africa. Most safaris will fly into the Park due to road inaccessibility although there are a few drive in options ( these are not recommended especially in summer.) For the best photographic and wildlife siting opportunities combine the Lower Zambezi National Park with a safari to the South Luangwa National Park. Getting there: Most recommended; Fly-in directly to lodge as part of a safari.
  2. Kasanka National Park: This National Park hosts a unique wildlife event every year between November and December when millions of straw-coloured fruit bats congregate as part of a migration. During the day, the trees are thickly laden with fruit bats shoulder to shoulder; at sunset somewhere around 10 million bats take to the sky in what can only be described as a living cloud. This particular safari is on our bucket list and we recommend that it be on yours. Please note that these Zambia safaris only run between November and December. Getting there: Forms part of a safari package, fly-in or self-drive experience.
  3. Walking Safaris: Zambia and in particular the Luangwa valley are known to be the home of the modern walking safari. There are few places within Africa that lend themselves so well to walking with wildlife and maximise what the country has on offer. The lodges and camps, combine with professionally trained guides to make extremely active safaris. There is simply nothing like getting up close and personal with a pride of lions or turning a corner and bumping into a herd of buffalo. This is the real African safari. Getting there: Forms part of a safari package, fly-in or self-drive experience.
  4. Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River: For those adventurers and sportsmen who love fishing and fishing one of the best game fish on the planet, Zambia is where you need to be. Fly-fishing or spinning for tiger fish on the Zambezi River offers a thrill second to none. If you picture yourself on a river abundant with hippo and crocodiles, this is some of the ultimate sports fishing in the world. The Zambezi River as well as the Kafue River (and not forgetting Lake Victoria) are the destinations where this dream will become a reality. Most Zambian fishing safaris are tailor-made based on your budget and timeframe. Getting there: Depends where but in general safari vehicles are used to get you to the point where a boat is waiting.
  5. Direct flights into Lusaka: Zambia wouldn’t be one of the top five Safari destinations without good connectivity. Although this may not necessarily be a destination as such, but such connectivity us essential to enjoy the option of going on safari in Zambia. In the last few years more and more international airlines fly directly into Lusaka, with direct flights from Johannesburg as well as direct flights from selected European destinations. Air France, KML and British Airways offer daily flights to Lusaka. With so many daily international flights available why not make Zambia your next African safari destination? An adventure of a lifetime is awaiting. Getting there: Daily flights from Johannesburg as well as selected destination within Europe.

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