Moondrop Space Travel TWS Earphone Bluetooth 5.3 Noise Canceling True Wireless Stereo IEMs


(as of Dec 06,2023 07:42:25 UTC – Details)

55ms Low-latency Game Mode,Music/Game Mode Switching: SPACE TRAVEL allows easy switching of dual connection modes. In addition to the music mode, users can switch to game mode by tapping the touch faceplate four times. In game mode, the signal transmission delay is as low as 55ms, providing a more comfortable game experience 2. [2] The 55ms delay is the official specification of the SOC chip, and may differ according to environmental interference and connected equipment.
Bass Control, Easy Switching of Three Bass Tunings: Using the MOONDROP Link APP, users can select one of three bass tunings, “Monitor”, “Reference” and “Basshead”.
Automatic Reconnection Seamless Switching between Monaural-Binaural: SPACE TRAVEL supports automatic reconnection and seamless switching between monaural and binaural modes. It will reconnect to the paired device as long as one or both of the earpieces are removed from the charging case. Using mirror image technology, it will remain connected to the paired device even when one or both earpieces are returned to the charging case.
Ergonomically Comfortable Shallow Ear Fit: SPACE TRAVEL offers a shallow ear fit that is more comfortable than standard in-ear headphones, and can be used by users with small ear canals.


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