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Need a Real Escape, Know Where Fiji Is?

So you have been living the city life and need a real escape then the answer is Fiji. Fiji is not a party hard place, it is known for soul rejuvenation and relaxation. The whole place has a sense of peace and harmony that money cannot buy. The Fijian people are well known throughout the world to be the happiest people and most easiest going.

The resorts in Fiji are great and at the same time known to be pricey. However if you are comfortable to get yourself away from the resorts and into the village areas or smaller towns then you will find the depth of the culture.

The culture of Fiji brings you this sense of peacefulness, happiness with nature and life that most places in the world cannot deliver.

The whole island is tourist friendly and is also well known to be a safe place.

Now the reason most people go to Fiji is to experience the beautiful exotic beaches, coral life, fishing, culture and coastal lifestyle. The quality of most beaches in Fiji is truly the best. Visit the link at the bottom for a review guide for some well known Islands.

Your return trip back home, you should find yourself feeling more centred and rejuvenated with energy, happiness and a sense of peace.

Fiji is located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. It is just on top of New Zealand and north-east of Sydney Australia. From Sydney the flight averages 3-4 hours one way.

There are a couple well known cities that fly to Fiji, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Auckland and much more.

There are over 332 islands and most are inhabited with people. The main cities or towns in Fiji are Nadi, Lautoka, Suva, Nasinu and Labasa. Don’t imagine these as big cities like L.A or Sydney rather there are much smaller in size and density.

The islands are known to be volcanic and the native vegetation is primary made up of tropical forests. There are periods of heavy rains between December and March. Since the group of Islands are located near the equator, you will find most of the times tropical weather, which means sunny on most occasions and at times suddenly change to rainy weather.

As beautiful as Fiji is, you want to go prepared. Read reviews from trip adviser and other travel blogs on Fiji. There have been cases of luggage going missing or opened so have insurance and locks that leave a message when your bags been opened.

Also once you get away from the mainland, prices suddenly jump as well. To best prepare yourself, buy alcohol, sun cream, summer clothes, water, snacks and food and basic needs before you enter Fiji.

Making it the most loved experience is a skill to do. It does not only require a “to do list” but a special mindset to enjoy anything. It’s like watching the preview of a movie, the consequences of it is you already know the best and worst part of the movie before you even watch it. So what you want to do is assume it’s going to be a great time but you don’t know how, what or why.

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