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Nairobi Safaris Tour Guide For New Tourists

A big number of tourists who choose to enjoy African holidays do not miss a chance to visit Kenya. They enter the country mainly through Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. This is a big urban centre surrounded by commercial, industrial and residential areas. For that reason, a tourist should take time to understand something about Nairobi safaris and the geography of the area. Those who are seriously contemplating on safaris to this East African nation should find a good tour agent who can take care of them and their needs during their stay in the city.

A Nairobi safari travel package should include the cost for transportation, accommodation, foods and drinks, expeditions, recreation and other fees. To make sure that you find the right tour guide who can even lease a car for leisurely rides around the city and other places you should use the internet. Just for your reference, make sure you find the Kenya Association of Tour Operators website. You can use it to locate an accredited tour operator who could cater for your needs.

In addition, you can use the internet to locate reviews that have been written by other prior tourists who have toured the region already. The safari tours should be safe, affordable and enjoyable and you need a company that can give even many more advantages. A good tour guide should pick you at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as soon as you arrive and take you to a hotel in Nairobi. Use the internet for hotel bookings and reservations too although most tour and guide companies can help you out.

The excursions around the city are inexpensive because they are a short distance apart. The first tourist landmark that you can enjoy even as the plane lands at the airport mentioned above is the Nairobi National park. It is a beautiful reserve for wild animals such as cheetahs, lions, buffalos and other savanna grassland animals. You need to go for a leisurely trip at the Nairobi Safari Walk which is about seven kilometers away from the city center.

The guests who go to this conservation area walk on a raised bridge-like wooden pathway toward the home for wild animals. Bomas of Kenya is a place where visitors begin to learn different cultural dances and activities. The place has bomas or villages that symbolize the sixteen biggest tribes in the region. The city accommodates some of the best Museums including the Karen Blixen, National Museum, Sheldric Orphanage and other fantastic sanctuaries.

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